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In the case of a character, for example, it must recognize its significance, namely ‘love’. We know that the pronunciation for them is AI with (tune down) tone 4, and finally also know that this character is made up of 9 strokes that should be written from top to bottom and left right. The first barrier in China is the total absence of any point of reference.

A beginner may come across the following sentence:

He would not be able to pronounce him, unless the person is in digital format or he uses software to indicate how each character pronounces, or he has a pinyin text, a phonetic notation system, and Chinese transliteration into Latin characters (see also to listen to the sounds). From the best chinese language school this is important.

Classical question speakers or Chinese students are asked is: ‘How many characters do you know?’

  • This is a problem that reflects a common idea most often wrong about Chinese learning, namely that the number of characters you know is representative of the current knowledge of the language. Well, this is a false myth that needs to be unmasked.
  • In any case, before talking about the writing system and analyzing its difficulties, we should first talk about the nature of Chinese language. Chinese is considered an isolation language, meaning a language that has no inflections or declinations, with almost no morphology.
  • A traditional approach to studying Chinese characters depends on the fact that they are considered as stand-alone entities, learns and memorizes them to write repeatedly one after the other. This ground-memory is based on lists that command them of difficulty and / or frequency. This is the way of foreign language courses and various universities do with Chinese characters. They are often considered to be separated from one another and out of context.

The Right Analysis

In the so-called analysis phase you can read a target language, analyze each share of it in part (structures, words, etc.). The main goal is to find you in the best conditions to understand what you are learning. In this respect, the emergence of the Internet has completely revolutionized the study of languages. It is still a “silent” revolution, in which most people have not yet realized how to seize (make use of) this huge resource.

For many people, learning a foreign language can be an exciting excuse. A foreign language can give you many opportunities, both personally and professionally. But the biggest problem when it comes to learning a foreign language is its teacher in an effective way. Any foreign language involves tackling some difficulties, but when it comes to Chinese, the difficulties are much greater.

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